John F Cahill Jack Cahill

I am an analytical chemist with interests in the development and application of the next generation of techniques for the chemical characterization of complex systems. My expertise in various forms of mass spectrometry has been applied to areas such as single cell analysis, atmospheric aerosol chemistry, mass spectrometry imaging, plant-microbe signaling and many other systems.

One aspect of my research is focused on elucidating the spatiotemporal chemical dynamics in plant-microbe systems. We are inventing the next generation of chemical analysis tools to probe how microbes and plant roots interact with each other, how they change in response to stress, and how this information can be leveraged to design optimal systems in the future.

Another aspect is utilizing online liquid extraction tools to measure metabolite chemistry with resolution down to single cells. Our open port sampling interface for mass spectrometry allows for unprecedented chemical information to be obtained from single cells. This information we hope to link with with genetic precursors to yield a better understanding of cellular mechanisms and their response to therapeutics.

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